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My name is Lola! Love and I am a high energy coach practitioner. What does that mean? It means my life's mission is to help myself and others raise our own vibrations, which raises the vibration of the whole planet. You have the power to set your own vibration, and create whatever you choose. My passion is working with individuals and groups who are seriously ready to design the life of their dreams, and are willing to make the inner shifts that are necessary. Find out how I can help and support you to spiral higher and higher with my coaching and also with my new book, 

Sweet Tips From Lola!s Lips: Fifty - Two Ways to Raise Your Vibration to Create the Life You Choose.



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"The most important thing to me is the way my clients feel after a consultation, coaching session or reading my book..."

— Lola! Love, Sweet Tips from Lola!s Lips