Vibrational Life Coach

Are you bored, pessimistic, frustrated or overwhelmed with your life right now?

Do you feel anxious, or disappointed about your relationships, your job, career, body, family or even with yourself?

Are you mean, bitter, disrespectful and/ or critical of yourself?

Is it hard for you to have or feel anything nice or kind for yourself?

Do you feel guilty when you put yourself first for fear that you may be punished or criticized?

If you answered yes to one or more of these statements your vibrational score is pretty low on the vibrational scale.  Therefore, what ever it is that you really want in life you will always feel as if you cannot achieve it.  Think about it, no one wants to live, socialize or do business with someone who complains all the time and behaves in a jealous and insecure manner.  And, that also includes making it a challenge for you to love someone, or for someone to love you.

As your life coach I help you become more authentic in who you truly are, and support you as you begin to attract all of the things that you desire in life; like your perfect partner, job, body, health  and a more empowered you. 

As your life coach I will introduce you to skills that will identify and help you shift your energy to a better feeling place whenever you feel that you are shifting downward and cannot stop the descending spiral.

As your life coach you will learn and practice becoming more aware and accountable for your feelings, behavior and desires. Most importantly you will learn how to respond instead of reacting to, and focusing on the things that you do want, instead of the things that you really don't want.

As your life coach you will begin to acknowledge and recognize that you have the power to feel good, and then you will begin choosing to feel good, be creative, purposeful, successful, loving and grateful.

"When you feel good, you look good.    When you look good, you do good.  When you do good, life feels amazing, then, every thing that you want starts flowing towards you."  -  Lola! Love


Services Offered

Individual Coaching

Packages available with weekly, bi-monthly or once a month sessions.

Group Coaching

Three or more clients in a group that meets bi-monthly for six months.

Entertainment Career Consulting & Coaching

Is your career idling and every one around you appears to be zooming all around you and you're not moving?

Are you anxious, frustrated and doubtful about your opportunities

Do you blame your representation and other's about why you are not having the success that you desire?

As a former talent manager, I can provide clear and effective evaluation and assessment  of where you are now and where you wish to go with your career.

As a life coach, I provide the space for you to take responsibility of your life and career by teaching you different processes, techniques and skills that will allow you to release fears and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you.  You will develop healthier habits that allow you to acknowledge and become accountable for your choices and thereby, setting clear goals that feel good to you, and to your vision.

Speech/Communication Coaching

Learn effective communication skills through my, Lola! Love's Crystal Clear Communication Program©. You will learn and develop practical and effective communication skills that will empower you to speak, think and accomplish your thoughts ideas and unique communication style with emphasis on presentation, articulation & voice production.  Also available, accent reduction and language building.

Do you have an audience that you want to persuade, inspire and / or motivate to be the best that they can be?  However, thus far, you leave your audience confused, unmotivated and less empowered than they were before your presentation?

If this is your experience or some variation of that scenario, then it's time for you to step-out, step-up and step-into your joy and passion as a confident, empowered and entertaining speaker, actor, presenter and / or teacher

Motivational Speaking

As a motivational speaker I inspire and empower audiences with weekly and life changing tips from my book, Sweet Tips from Lola!'s Lips™ - Fifty-Two ways to Raise Your Vibration and Live The Life You Choose.  During my presentation I engage my audiences by taking them through my Dream it, Design it and Do it concept.  By learning and practicing how to dream big, design your life meticulously, then to do it, by taking deliberate, authentic and inspired action, you too can feel good and live your life deliberately, and, not by default.

Usui Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a gentle and therapeutic practice that relaxes, releases and revives welcoming recipients.  Reiki practitioners use a natural hands on or above the receiver to channel an energy treatment to promote balance of mind, body, and spirit. As a Reiki practitioner and master teacher, I help you to release and clear blocked emotions, traumas, and unfavorable feelings through energy healing that allows your seven chakras to keep your energy flowing and balanced.